Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lagoon with Diego and the Girls

On Saturday August 22nd I went to Lagoon with some of my girl friends and Diego. Diego is a friend of Alli's from high school and we were all so lucky to meet him and spend the day with him at Lagoon. I'm pretty sure he planned this outing to Lagoon with Alli back in April. On the way to Lagoon he told me that he was a ladies man. He definitely was this day as he was the only guy with 8 girls.

As we were waiting in line for Dracula's castle this guy was in line behind us and I just had to get a photo. I seriously wonder when he was getting ready that morning if he left his house thinking that he looked good. At least he made for quality people watching. The way too tight pants and of course the hair. All I can say is Wow.

While on the Dracula's castle ride Jessie and I decided to snap a photo, hence my scared look. Right after I took the picture we looked at it (the joy of having digital camera's) we were both like "wait a minute, who is that" and we both turned around to find this creepy Lagoon employee right behind us. We had no idea he was there. It was really funny, he was so proud of himself. He kept reappearing during the ride, the next time he popped out on us he asked if he could see the picture, and then he reappeared at the end and was telling his other co-workers about it and asked us to show them the picture. It was pretty funny, but definitely creepy.

Here's the gang right after we got soaked on Rattlesnake rapids. It felt great since it was a hot day.

Oops, Elissa claims that her pants were still wet from rattle snake rapids but we had just gotten off of the roller coaster so I am wondering if she was a little scared?

I love this photo of Jessie- This was her 2nd snow cone of the day. It was very hot and they were apparently very delicious:)

I really hate this picture of me but I couldn't resist putting it on because of Diego. After all he is a Ladies Man. He rubbed our toes and feet (I know a little gross touching feet after you've been walking around Lagoon all day) and gave us shoulder massages. What a sweet guy! He put his head on my shoulders on the roller coaster because he was a little nervous and on the musical express. He was fun to ride with because he was like a little kid. I think he liked Nancy the best of all of us because"she has a nice body from head to toes" and she is a "delicate princess". But he made sure we all knew that we were just his friends.

Elissa, Alli, and Nancy getting excited for the Musical Express, a Lagoon Classic!

Here are the girls that couldn't handle the music express.

We had a such a fun day! I typically stay until they shut the place down at night but Diego had an early bed time so we left around 7. We also had our pictures taken in Pioneer Village. I'll post a couple as soon as I get a digital copy. They turned out so great. I really do love Lagoon. What a little treasure we have right here in Utah:) I'm contemplating getting a season pass next year. Anyone want to get one with me so that I can actually put it to good use?


Alli said...

Love the pics Mo...I definitely need copies!

Jen said...

I never made it Lagoon this year. But, I didn't have a Diego to go with!

Heather Bergsjo said...

Looks like fun!