Sunday, December 20, 2009

A visit to Minersville, UT

From August 13-15th I went with Shawna, one of my best friends from High School, down to Minersville, Utah to visit Cherstie and Jared Woolf's family. Jared is also a friend from high school and Cherstie is a close friend from College. Shawna and I are proud to say that we introduced these two. I hadn't seen the Woolf family in probably 2 years and I never get to spend enough time with Shawna so this trip was great. I was nervous about going just 3 days after my surgery but luckily the recovery was going so well I decided to go anyway. I knew Shawna and Cherstie would take good care of me if I needed anything.

Jared and Cherstie were great hosts. They moved into a new house in May so it was fun to see what they had worked so hard on. It is a beautiful home. I have never been to Minersville but have heard so much about it from Cherstie, it was fun to see the place. It definitely is a small town and has all of the great things you can imagine about a small town. It just so happened to be the Beaver County fair in Minersville while we were there so we were entertained every night at the fair. The fair was about 5 times smaller than the Cache County Fair and it was definitely an experience. It was also fun to meet all of Cherstie's family.

Here is Tommy and Henry (2 of Cherstie's 3 boys) and DeNaer (Shawna's little boy). They had a lot of fun playing together.

Thanks Shawna for inviting me along and Cherstie and Jared for being so welcoming!

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Anonymous said...

Jared and Cherstie are two of my favorite people.